◆ Established with safer sex related magazine
◆Condoms and lotions are installed in each private room
◆Shower is available
◆LL size condom
◆Finger rubber
◆Bringing in illegal drug herbs, etc are prohibited

Entrance conditions

◆ Age: 18 to 49 years old
◆Depending on the content and appearance of the event, you might still not be allowed to get in even if age requirements are met
◆Since the judgment is made by the staff on the day, you may not be able to enter the store even if you have been in the store before
◆You might be asked to show your ID to confirm your age if it is necessary, and we will refuse to enter the store If you do not have your ID

Rules / Prohibitions

◆Please take off your footwear at the entrance. No shoes.
◆Please do not bring in any food or alcohol.
◆Candies, chewing gum, and drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited in the store.
◆Please do not have any loud conversations in the store and cell phone.
◆If you shoot with a mobile phone or digital camera, you will be asked to leave the store immediately.
◆Bringing in and using illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.
◆Customers with poor etiquette or who cause inconvenience to other customers may be asked to leave the store.
◆Shop does not take any responsibility for theft or loss.
◆If the locker key is lost or the equipment is damaged, the actual cost will be charged.
◆We will notify the police if any malicious mischief is found.

Business hours

◆Mon: 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM * Last entry is at 10:00 PM
◆Tue: 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM * Last entry is at 10:00 PM
◆Wed: 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM * Last entry is at 10:00 PM
◆Thur: 1:00 pm to 11:00 PM * Last entry is at 10:00 PM
◆Fri: 1:00 PM open
◆Sat: Continuous business
◆Sun: Continuous business to 11:00 PM * Last entry is at 10:00 PM
◆Holidays: 1:00 PM to continuous business (holiday business hours: continuous business to 11:00 PM

* Last entry is at 10:00 PM)

◆About staying time
The maximum stay time is 16 hours (* 1). Extension fee (400 yen)will be charged every 4 hours after 16 hours.
(* 1: Maximum stay time is 12 hours who enter the store with early time discount / late night discount)

Other charges

◆ Towel change (free to change with the second one): 100 yen

◆ Bath towel rental: 100 yen (from April 1, 2017)

◆ Blanket rental: 200 yen (* We will offer it to you for free from 0:00AM to 8:00 AM)

◆ Lotion bottle: Each size is available

◆ Condoms and lotions: Free * Condoms and lotions are available on each floor.

◆ Toothbrush: 70 yen

◆ Soft drinks: 100 yen ~



◆ Mobile phone charging: Free * only available at reception


In-store style

◆ Underwear, towels


◆ Shower: Two locations (enema is available)

◆ Bathroom: There is one on the 2nd floor and another one on the 3rd floor (with washlet)

◆ Restroom: Separate with smoking and non-smoking area 

◆ Lockers: 40 (Large luggage can be stored at the reception)

◆ Mouthwash / dryer: It is installed in the toilet on the 2nd floor (the mouthwash is also available in the shower on the 3rd floor).



Access from Sakuragicho Station

From Sakuragicho Station, take the underpass called "Nogechi Kamichi" and get out from the "South Exit 2B"

If you go straight ahead, you will find the "Sakurabashi Kawakita" intersection.

Turn right at the "Sakurabashi Kawakita" intersection

Go straight and you will see the intersection of "Miyakobashi" and there is an izakaya called "Osabo" on the corner.

Our shop is on the 2nd floor of the yakitori restaurant to the right of it.


Access from Hinodecho Station

Go straight on "Hirado Sakuragi Road" from the station toward Sakuragicho

Go over "Do it!" On the left and turn right at the Noge 3-chome intersection (Gindaco diagonally at the intersection).

Go straight (about 150m) . Our shop is on the 2nd floor of the yakitori restaurant just before the Miyakobashi intersection.


* You can also access from Kannai Station (7 minutes by walk )

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